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Paused temporarily. Coming Soon with official WhatsApp integration… (Awaiting WhatsApp’s confirmation)

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WhatsMany is the most advanced and easy to use WhatsApp CRM. We don’t support unofficial WhatsApp anymore. Stay tuned to get notified when our Official integration is activated.

The WhatApp platform for sending WhatsApp messages (coming soon)

You will never go back to WhatsApping your customers one by one.

1. Connect with your customers

Using our WhatsApp app you can send personal WhatsApp messages to users through the WhatsApp official API. Send boarding passes, shipping updates, receipts, and other transactional messages to users easily.

2. Easy to use

You don’t need any technical knowledge or IT infrastructure to start using our WhatsApp app – WhatsMany. Nothing to install here, our WhatsApp app works through the web across the cloud. We will keep you posted once the official WhatsApp integration goes live. Stay tuned.

Coming Soon


No installation required. Use your Web Browser to send WhatsApp messages.


Excel based Dashboard

Copy and paste data directly from Excel. Use the app like how you would do with excel with Autofill functions, multiple sheets, etc. Send unique messages to everyone by assigning placeholder columns. For example you can add your customer names to one placeholder column and greet your customers individually in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Delivery status

Get confirmation on whether and when your messages were “delivered”,
“sent” and “seen” by recipients. You get detailed analytics about the delivery of your messages.

Personalized Messages

Send unique messages to everyone by copy pasting data from your excel. For example you can add customers’ names to one column and greet everyone by their names in WhatsApp. Or you can message your customers their unique appointment time and date. You are the center of messaging everyone.

No coding required

Setup your WhatsMany account in 2 minutes. With just your email id and phone number you can register and start using WhatsMany. No coding required. WhatsMany uses an advanced and easy to setup application interface to help you do great things in simple steps. But please note you need to have access to official WhatsApp business API before starting.

Coming Soon

Official WhatsApp Business ( coming soon )We don't support the unnoficial way anymore. We plan to release the official WhatsApp for business API integration soon.
Risk Free : Free and Paid plansWe plan to have free trial plans. You can try it and then decide to upgrade to one of our paid plans.

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