5 Main Features of the WhatsApp Business App

It was about time that an instant messaging app was launched to help SME’s communicate and easily interact with their customers. The WhatsApp Business App does just that. With already more than 5 million active monthly business users, the WhatsApp business app is threatening to revolutionize the way businesses and customers engage with each other.

Following are the five main features of the WhatsApp Business App that you – a small business owner – need to know:

1. Verified Profiles

After companies create their business profiles on Whatsapp by providing all the relevant information, WhatsApp verifies their profiles and allots them a green icon.

This not only increases trust but also gives business owners the brand visibility that they so long for.

2. Notifications

Whether you are looking to send your customers important notifications regarding, for instance, order confirmation or you are finding a way to directly communicate with clients through official company messages, you can do all that and much more with the WhatsApp Business App.

3. Smart Messaging

In order to automate and save time you can use the WhatsApp Business app to give quick replies to customers’ queries, automated replies at hours when you are not available, and even deliver a message to introduce your company/products/services.

4. Statistics

The app provides you simple information such as the number of people a particular message was sent to and how many of those messages were successfully delivered and read. This allows to track what’s going on.

5. Organize

Given that businesses want to target their segmented markets differently, Whatsapp Business App provides Chat list filters that allow you to do that. By filtering the chat list by various categories you can deliver personalized messages. Plus, you can even organize as well as label contacts and chats. This will be useful when for example there is an issue with someone or you want to give yourself a reminder to check something with a particular customer.

Limitations of the WhatsApp Business App and WhatsMany

While the WhatsApp business app offers several features, it does have various limitations as well. Firstly, it does not allow you to send customized messages to your customers all at once. Secondly, it doesn’t provide any insights in the form of analytics that companies can use for further decision making. Plus, the payment option – UPI payments – is really not at all very different from other payment systems around and there is no option for refunds at all. This means that business owners will have to look for other options anyway in order to send back money to customers (that is if they have to). Finally, it just isn’t for larger businesses. Together, all of these reasons do force everyone to think twice before beginning to use it.

As for the limitations pertaining to company size, sending personalized message to a large audience and analytics are concerned, you will be glad to know that you can use a platform called WhatsMany to very conveniently send out customized messages in one go and track them using the built-in analytics feature

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