8 Must-Haves for Effective WhatsApp Communication

WhatsApp has become one of the most preferred means of communication, owing to its variety of features, security of messages and free availability. According to a Forbes report, there are more than a billion users using the WhatsApp communication app. Not only that, but more and more users are installing it on their mobiles every day.

User-Friendly Communications Technology

Aside from being free, WhatsApp is also very user-friendly. With new upgrades, the WhatsApp communication app has become more feature-loaded and even easier to use than before. However, there are many users who are not familiar with many of the features and usage of the app. You may have all the features in the app and yet you may not use many of them. This calls for some tips about effective WhatsApp.

1. Message Sending to Multiple Users

WhatsApp enables users to send a message to multiple users at the same time. To do this click on Menu and select ‘New broadcast.’ You need to add the names of all the intended recipients to this list. For this purpose, click on the ‘+’ sign and select all the recipients from your contact list.

Once the list is ready, you can send a message to all of them. Since this list gets saved, you can send messages to this group in the future with just a tap. This is a very useful feature of WhatsApp communication in organization of any size and industry verticals to quickly connect to their clients.

2. Follow Up With Customers 

Studies have shown that if businesses follow up their customers on WhatsApp rather than making phone calls, they can expect 40% more response. In fact, phone calls from unknown sources are vexatious for many.

On the other hand, WhatsApp messages have a personal appeal and there is an opportunity to be somewhat informal and friendlier with following up with your customers, which makes the interaction more consumer-centric.

If you send a quotation to a potential customer, but there is no buzz from the other end, you can easily send a followup message through WhatsApp. In fact, more and more small businesses are using WhatsApp now for this purpose only as it is not only a personal way of approaching customers, it also carries a professional tone which is a must for every business-customer interaction.

3. Document Sharing

You can use WhatsApp much like any office collaboration app. You can share with others a variety of documents such as videos, photographs, PDFs, Excel sheets and Word files. This communications technology simplifies the way organization send documents through WhatsApp. You just need to attach the document to the chat window and press send. The document or media file will be automatically shared.

4. Unintended Messages Deletion

It is not uncommon to send uncalled for messages or messages to unintended contacts and then repent for the same. But you don’t need to do that anymore. In the latest version, WhatsApp lets you delete the message for you as well as for everyone else. You just need to press on the message to select it. As soon as it is selected, you need to go to the delete option. As you tap on the trash icon it will throw three options to you – Delete For Everyone, Delete For Me and Cancel. You can select the desired option and save yourself from any kind of miscommunication.

5. Statistics

As a business promotion strategy you need to send messages to customers. The app can show you as to how many people you have sent the messages to and how many of those have been delivered.

Say you are conducting a campaign to collect information on how well it has performed, the data regarding how many people have actually opened and read your message is important. In the same way, data with respect to how many have deleted without reading, or how many have not downloaded the message can also be scaled. Indeed, this makes WhatsApp one of the best SaaS sales and marketing tools of modern era.

6. WhatsApp Status

It is not just Facebook that lets you share status as you can also do it with WhatsApp. It is a visual message broadcast to your contacts much like your Facebook wall. The status tab is available next to the Chat and Call tabs. The status will remain active for 24 hours. You can also comment on other’s status by swiping up on the status of a contact. This feature is ideal for broadcasting offers, events, new launches or product and services, among others.

7. Smart Messaging

WhatsApp can help you save time by automating your messages for quick replies to your customers. You can do so if you are not available or if you want to deliver automated messages to your contacts for introducing new services, products and launches, among others.

Effective WhatsApp Communication is a Must 

In essence, WhatsApp has merged the importance of information and communications technology. It has given rise to a means of unparalleled communication till date. Yet, you need to know all the tricks and technicalities of using the app to reap its benefits to full extent.

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