Best Alternative to WhatsApp Business App

Anyone who has taken a long hard look at the ‘new’ WhatsApp Business app would have come to the same conclusion; it is neither a revelation nor a groundbreaking business solution at all.

Before moving onto the ideal alternative of the WhatsApp Business app lets first take a look at some of the main issues with it:

Issues with the WhatsApp Business app

While the app does market itself as a tool that lets SME’s communicate effectively with its customers it is not without its flaws. For instance, it works on only one particular contact number and device. This means that more than one employee of a company cannot get access to it. So some particular employee has to deal with all customers on his/her own without any external help. That to a certain extent is not feasible for small to medium companies where almost all employees are juggling at least two to three duties at a time and work responsibilities are shared.

Then comes the fact that WhatsApp web on the PC cannot work without the phone being connected to the internet. So, what should one do when the phone battery runs out? Wait for the next working day to take care of the essential tasks that have to be performed through WhatsApp Business app? Obviously not!

Then comes the option to make payments. While it is without any doubt critical for businesses to receive as well as send money but there is no comprehensive payment system offered on the WhatsApp Business App. The peer to peer payment system being offered in India at the moment is not all the go-to payment system that businesses can embrace. This is not only because there are several other more efficient payment systems around but also because there is no refund option in the WhatsApp Business app.

Finally, apart from the weak or even non-existent enterprise data protection, businesses cannot send specific personalized messages to their customers at once. Using Broadcasts lists can help with sending messages to a number of contacts but even that doesn’t help with sending customized messages to a large audience in one go. This is one of the biggest issues with the WhatsApp business App and businesses around the globe are seeking an effective solution.

The Perfect Alternative to WhatsApp Business App

WhatsMany, as the name suggests, allows you to send custom messages in bulk to all your customers in just one go. So not only is minimal effort involved in it but you can also get the job done in no time whatsoever. Needless to say that this solves the one problem that has been haunting all the WhatsApp Business app users. Plus, to top it all of you can simply work on the excel based dashboard to send out messages as well as keep a track of them. The essential feature of analytics that was missing out on the WhatsApp Business App is also available on WhatsMany and this, in turn, allows you to further enhance their decision making. All in all, it is a web platform that you definitely need to benefit from. If you are eager to know more about WhatsMany and how it can help you in your communication with your customers then check it out on

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