How can WhatsMany help improve your business?

There is no doubt whatsoever that in this competitive digital era, the more customer-centric a business is, the higher its chances of success. The faster you update or respond to your customers and the effortless you make it for them to communicate with you and vice versa, the more your business will grow. It’s as simple as that.

Sure, you have come to realize the importance of WhatsApp and how it can increase efficiency in your business. However, if you are messaging your customers one by one, not personalizing, and not keeping track of the status of the messages then you are losing out big time.

WhatsMany – A personalised WhatsApp messenger

This is where WhatsMany – a comprehensive web platform for WhatsApp communication – comes in.

First and foremost, it solves the most critical problem that business face nowadays – sending personalized messages to hundreds if not thousands of customers at the same time. By assigning customers names to placeholder columns on the excel based dashboard, you can not only greet your customers by their real name but also send them specific information such as the delivery status of their order or date as well as the time of their appointment.

What’s even better is that it provides you detailed analytics that tell you whether or not the message has been sent, delivered, and seen. This is really handy since you will know which customers have gotten the information and which haven’t. You can then maybe go ahead and email or call the customers who haven’t seen your messages. This will leave a good impression on all your customers since they will know you have got their back.

What is even better is that WhatsMany is very easy to use, requires no coding whatsoever, and you don’t even have to install it. All you need to do is opt for the plan that is suitable for you and get started by setting up your account within two minutes.  

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