Increase the conversion of your landing pages with WhatsApp

Landing pages are great for engaging with potential customers. But only a handful of people seem to use their landing pages effectively. Many are fixated on email and are stuck at the first step itself. They generally don’t make any significant use of their landing page leads.

Communication with customers is significantly important if you are small business owner who is trying to grow and improve with limited resources.

But with limited time, it is always difficult to craft the perfect email that will increase your orders to magic levels. By the time most people design and send their first email content to potential customers, they have already lost the customer as it is too late now.

Imagine being able to quickly talk to your customers without spending hours on drafting and designing a beautiful email. Imagine being able to talk to your leads just as you would talk to your friends! If you have not guessed it already, here is a small hint – WhatsApp. The messaging platforms of today are so closely intertwined in our lives that it has become a significant part of our lives

Thousands of emails reach customers email boxes everyday, and it is common to have emails lost in unread state forever. Since most of the customers are in WhatsApp it makes perfect sense to use it over email to increase the power of your messages to magic levels.

WhatsApp with its huge customer base, makes it easier for anyone to communicate in today’s world. As a Small Business owner, new innovative way of connecting with users will provide exceptional returns vs Traditional approaches like email where you have make harder pushes to get linear rewards.

Now if you have not done already, the first step is to create a Landing page. Landing pages are proven methods to get contact details for engaging with customers. You can see a list of examples here. Don’t forget to also collect the user’s phone number in the landing page

Now with some marketing you could get good leads to your landing page. Here is an example of how you can drive traffic to your landing page using Quora This quora answer directs to a landing page Google analytics revealed that this method has tremendously increased the number of registrations through the landing page. You can use several other medium to increase traffic to your landing page.

This is an example of the lead list generated through Contact Form 7 in wordpress that uses. Flamingo plugin is used to filter and export the leads from different landing pages within the site.

Flamingo for ContactFrom7 in WordPress

Once you get a sufficient list of potential customers from your landing pages, it is time to contact them. You can export the leads to a csv format by pressing the export button.

Once you have list of phone numbers, its time to pull up your socks and get into action mode. Here is where a quick convenient tool like WhatsMany makes sense. Instead of traditional methods like email, WhatsMany lets you contact your customers through WhatsApp. Since the messaging channel is WhatsApp you can choose to be as informal as required. This saves time in your messaging process and can design quick drafts and send messages in minutes vs hours in email.

Sign-up to WhatsMany by choosing Trial, Basic or the Pro plan depending on your needs. Pro plan lets you send upto 1000 messages a day and there is no restriction on number of contacts or the amount of data that you can store in WhatsMany, you get full freedom to save and manage unlimited number of your contacts, media and messages in WhatsMany.

Once logged in you will see a list of workbooks, if not you can create a new workbook. Within a workbook you can maintain multiple contacts, media files and message templates, using the familiar excel like spreadsheet interface.

Open a spreadsheet and copy paste the contact list from the exported CSV file from WordPress landing page. Before this step there is one quick change you have to make in the excel sheet. This steps depends entirely on how you have captured the phone numbers in your landing page. In our case we captured the country code separately so we need to append them back to the phone numbers, so that WhatsMany can understand the phone numbers correctly. This can be easily done by opening the CSV file in a spreadsheet tool like excel. Since the phone number in this case is one from India, I will prepend 91 to the phone number using the “Concat()” function is excel as in the figure below.

You can then copy and paste the formula to all the rows in your list. Then you can copy paste the phone number with code to your WhatsMany spreadsheet. Make sure to the column under which you paste the contact numbers under the “Phone” column and all the numbers have country code appended to them. You can use the columns – PlaceHolder1, PlaceHolder2, PlaceHolder3 to customise your messages according to the message templates you design.

Once your workbook is updated, you can write your message content in the editor box. Make sure to add “PlaceHolderX” where ever relevant for your template.

You can now add the brochure image to the message template by pressing the clip icon

Your message template is now ready and you can now send messages to all your contacts in one click.

The many advantages of this method of using WhatsApp over email are

  • Cool enough to send small messages. It would be weird to send two line messages in email. This saves you time and give you flexibility to send quick messages whenever required.
  • Increased viewership. Sending messages through WhatsApp, you can be rest assured that your messages are always being read by your target audience. It wont get buried under 1000s of unread emails.
  • Who read your messages? You can watch in realtime the statistics of the messages being sent, delivered and even read by the recipient.
  • Viral shares. Unlike email, by messaging through WhatsApp, the recipients are more likely to share the content with their peers, making your reach much higher.