Who should not use WhatsMany

WhatsMany is a simple and easy to use application for you to stay connected with your acquaintances. This includes customers, employees, professional groups, social groups, family and friends.

While WhatsMany enables you to improve your engagement with all these stakeholders, it is not for everyone.

WhatsMany is for talking to people whom you already know or who is eagerly expecting your message. Your users should be delighted when they receive your message and not feel as spam.

If you are planning to send messages to random folks, then WhatsMany is not for you! You cannot use WhatsMany for sending unsolicited messages to people.

If you are sending messages to genuinely interested users, these tips can make your life even easier.

Tips to avoid getting blocked by WhatsApp

  • The recipient should have saved your number in their mobile contacts list.
    • When someone has already saved your number, they would not get the option to “report spam”
    • Also this means the user knows you already, and you are a known contact
    • Generally if you are sending repeated messages to the same contacts, it is recommended to ask your users to save your number in their contact.
  • Have two way communication
    • It is recommended to have your users reply back to your messages
    • From time to time, you can ask them to interact with you in interesting ways by replying back to your message
    • For example, you can ask for their email ID, location, etc in a message for which any genuine user will definitely reply
  • Personalise your messages
    • In WhatsMany only way WhatsApp can ban your phone number is when enough people report your number as SPAM
    • To avoid this always send personalised messages ( you can use the placeholder options in WhatsMany)
    • Write messages just like how you would text a friend and not like an advertisement or scam
    • Make sure you are providing value and expressing it in a casual way
    • Your messages should feel like conversations to the end user, so they know that you have actually typed and sent the messages specially for them and that you are not a spam machine

Hope the above insights were useful, we are very excited to have you use our platform and create meaningful engagements with your users.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at info at whatsmany dot com

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